How To Unjailbreak iPhone: All iOS 8 to iOS 11 Devices

How to Unjailbreak iPhone: iOS 11 not working? Facing problems with iOS 11? Then you are at the right place where you can find solution for your problem. Release of latest version iOS 11 have created a revolution in very short span of time. While number of people are trying to join Apple Developers program to get the iOS 11, there were many individuals who have already downloaded iOS 11 beta version. Though it is not available for everyone, the users who have downloaded it are very much satisfied with its new features. But not everyone are comfort with the latest version Of iOS. I am very excited with the release of latest version of iOS 11.

The display screen look has grabbed the attention of users towards the latest version of iOS 11. Few users who are done with the installation of  new version of iOS might have met with errors. It is quite common thing to come across bugs or error for any latest version of Operating Software. And the developers are working hard to fix those bugs and errors.Those who are going to install iOS 11 must keep in mind about all the positive and negative shades of installing the new iOS. Without the knowledge of their different shades will throw you into the darkness where you cannot find a solution for your problem.

how to unjailbreak iphone

Though jailbreak helps you in the installation process of latest version of iOS 11, it also creates many problems to the users. Before getting into the download process of iOS 11 version, just find a way to degrade it whenever you come across any issues. Users who have installed by using jailbreak many face issues like, applications suddenly stopped working, device is taking more time to respond. A plenty of reasons will be on the list to downgrade your iOS 11 to the old versions like iOS 103.2. Check out the process involves in UnJailbreak iPhone on iOS 11.

How to UnJailbreak iPhone:

Jailbreak is only the way that is helping the users to get any latest versions of iOS. Soon after the release of iOS 11 version, everyone loved the features that have been displayed by the Apple developers. It has been a tough task for the iPhone/ iPad users to download the latest version of iOS 11. Jailbreak met the curious people with its tips and tricks to install iOS 11 on their device. Jailbreak being a rooting application, it can even slow down your device in some situations. Not all the time we can promise about the safety and security of iOS devices, when people are in a thought of installing these amazing versions by using illegal jailbreak apps. Users who are fed up with the jail-broken version of iOS 11 can solve their issue by following the steps stated below.

  • To Unjailbreak iPhone, you need to have Cydia impactor or remove Cydia.
  • Open Cydia impactor and tap on fresh restore Via iTunes.
  • Then try navigating Cydia app without launching it.
  • Long press on Cydia application until it wiggles on the device screen.
  • Now tap on this “X” on this mark which is observed on the wiggling app.
  • You will be asked for permission to delete Cydia app from your device.
  • Then tap on delete button and Cydia gets deleted.
  • Now connect your device with PC/ Mac having iTunes in it using a cable.
  • iTunes will detect your device and shows it on the system screen.
  • Tap on OK button so that your device memory will be restored.
  • iTunes will get you back to the old version of iOS 10 or which ever you need.
  • Restart your iPhone/ iPad and start using the down graded version of iOS on your device.

Unjailbreak iPhone / iOS : Details & Compatiblity

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Conclusion: iOS 11 back up will not work on the other version that you have now installed on your device. Either you can get the back up from your iOS 10 or you need to start your device as a brand new iPhone. Be careful while Unjailbreak iPone on your iOS device and copy the files required to your mac/ PC to avoid losing the important data. Jail break may not show you the response when you try removing it. But keep on trying and remove the jailbreak apps on your device. Install the older version of iOS on your iPhone/ iPad. Users can try this to down grade your device form iOS 11 to other. If you have come across any issues regarding removal of jailbreak on iOS 11, then write down us with a detailed explanation of your problem.

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