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In the Worldwide Developers meet on June 5th 2017 Apple has revealed its new version called iOS 11. Apple CEO stated that they have come up with most advanced Operating System for iOS 11. Software update is quite common for all the devices but what Apple does is much different. iOS 10 was released on september 13 2016. It is the 10th version of iOS which came with bang and made everyone feel wow. Stats revealed that nearly 86% Apple users have got updated to iOS 10. After releasing of iOS10, we have also come across many other updates like 10.3.1, 10.3.2 etc. In less than a year, iOS 11 has come into the play with amazing features. As of now, everyone using Apple device did not the iOS 11 update. Even after releasing 11th version, developers are still working on it to fix few bugs. Once I mention all the features of the new software iOS 11, you will surely start loving it. Here you can go through the ios 11 features.

ios 11 features

iOS 11 Features :

#1. Siri translations:

Siri is the most common feature that gets updated with the release of Latest versions. Previously Siri voice was like a recorded one, but in the latest version it is available with realistic male and female voices. In the old version, when we speak something it was not able to pronounce it perfectly. Now the pronunciation of Siri is as clear as a human voice. iOS 11 supports easy Siri by using learning and understanding options, so that it could serve better next time. Cross device sync is the another new feature provided with end to end encryption. The best feature with siri is it can translate English to Chinese, Italian, French, German and Spanish languages. Open Settings, there is a new option called “type to siri” Enable it. This feature allows you to listen from siri by just typing.

#2. Customized Control center:

When you look at Notification center in android device, you can find all the app customized with one tap. Similarly iOS 11 is provided with all the things at one place. It will be irritating for some people who are busy with their schedules while an unfortunate touch on Control center can create another task for them. Keeping those kind of people on mind, iOS 11 developers have given customization option in settings.

#3. Important notes pinning: 

Notes is the best option provided in iOS device that lets you write whatever you want. New notes application will allow you to pin the most important notes. So that all the pinned noted will be available at the top and you can easily find them.

#4. Screen Recording:

Screen recording is the another new feature in iOS 11 similar to that jailbreak. It allows you to record your screen with voice memos too. It allows you to capture the screen and the videos played on your device display.

#5. Cellular data controller:

Most of the Apple users work with their phone under wifi network as it consumes more mobile data if used. But the latest version have bought a new feature for iOS that can control your data usage.

#6. QR code scanning: 

iOS 11 has come up with easy identification of QR scan code. As soon as you capture the code, it automatically detects and responds faster. After scanning it will redirect your scanned code to the web page directly.

#7. Re-designed App Store: 

App store got a biggest update with most advance review features. Devices connected with Apple pay will get auto renewal of applications. Today tab in App store will help you in navigating your favorite app faster and easier. Gaming application category has been updates to help you in finding the loving games faster.

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#8. Messaging: 

The best feature of messaging app is that it will be synced with multiple devices. Whenever you delete messages on one device, the other device receiving your messages will also be deleted simultaneously. This application will let you make secret conversions and delete them whenever you want.

#9. Camera Features:

The camera has been updates to support High Efficiency Video Encoding. This can compress your files to better levels, so that you can add any videos to your device without storage issues. Generally is consumes more storage for the photos we store on our iOS devices. In the latest version of Apple, you can save your photos or videos of 4k resolution clarity that consumes less storage.

#10. Live Photo effects: 

With improved quality, Photo app can easily find the weddings and sporting events on your device. You can trim the videos and edit them using Live photo effects feature. Frames, stickers will add colors to the pictures and bounce play can reverse the video that you have created.

#11. Maps and Navigation:

Indoor Mapping is the new feature that provides the layout of each location like restaurants, fuel fillings, hospitals and many more. As of now Maps supports on for Airports and malls. But it is mentioned that the developers are working on it to expand its features. Easy navigation feature will take you to the destination chosen provided the fastest route.

#12. Files App: 

The brand new files app will let you save any photos and videos on your device. All these files will be automatically synced with the accounts present on your device like iCloud, Dropbox , Goggle photos etc. You can sort the files by using the date and place.

So far these are ios 11 features, Apple team members are still working on iOS 11 to extend their features. As of now iOS 11 beta version is available for all iOS devices. As soon as we get any update regarding the latest version of iOS, we will write here. If you are very excited to crack the steps involved in installing iOS 11, the keep visiting our web page.

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