Everything You Need To Know About iOS 11 – Features Of iOS 11

 Everything You Need To Know About iOS 11: Since the release of iOS devices into the market, Apple.Inc. is upgrading its version continuously. Every time the developers are coming with something new that would attract the iPhone/ iPad users. After the release of iOS 10, Apple has successfully closed all the Jailbreakers. However, the origin of the hacking cannot be determined that easily so Jailbreak will be continuing always. Looking for the next version called iOS 11. Many promos and images have been released about iOS 11 but the news was not confirmed. It is sure that Apple will release iOS 11 in this academic year so wait for the release or check iOS 11 beta version.

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 11

What is iOS 11:

Heading to the release of Apple’s latest version, iOS 11 is the eleventh release of iOS Operating System which was announced at Company’s Worldwide Developers Conference meet on June 5th, 2017. Apple has released the first beta version in late June after the brief discussion. And stated that the stable version of iOS 11 would be released by Apple in the third quarter 2017. This time the latest version of iOS has come up with many design changes. The latest version of iOS 11 has combined both Lock screen and Notification Center so that all the notifications will be displayed on the device screen. You can use 3D touch icons for more options in the control center. iOS 11 version has complete overhauling visual content that majorly focuses on daily highlights.

Features of iOS 11:

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Apple has come up with huge changes that would work out well on the latest version of iOS 11. The letters will on Keyboard are combined with symbols that allow you to use directly instead of checking Symbols tab.

Apple Pencil:

All the notes you write on the lock screen will be instantly saved to Notes so that you will never miss any information. When ever you draw on an existing text then it automatically moves the old text. You can scan, edit remove any document easily using Apple Pencil.

Less iMessage Storage:

Generally, when the number of messages you receive are in more number, your device may show “The Device Storage is almost full”. But the latest version of iOS 11 will free up the iMessage storage and allows you to save all the data on your device.

Apple Pay:

Payments are almost digitalized these days but Apple has come up with something big this time. You can send money using Apple pay option using iMessage and touch ID. Any urgent need for money can be easily fulfilled if the other person has an iOS device.

Lock Screen and Notification Center:

When you have outstanding Lock screen and Notification center provided on your iOS device, then you will never miss any important alerts. Swipe down your device screen to find all the notifications of the day under different categories easily. Opening and closing the notifications on screen is similar to that of previous versions.

Control center:

There were fewer options in the previous version of Control center when compared to iOS 11 version. Control center for iOS 11 is designed with all the option added at one place. You need not visit settings page all the time instead, you can enjoy using iOS 11 Control center.

App Store:

iOS 11 Update gives you brand new App Store which you have never expected till the release. Today tab in App store will refresh the store by giving you the daily picks. New games and app tab will easily navigate you to the most popular apps. You can even discover the apps that you have downloaded on your iOS device earlier or find the exciting apps on Store easily.

Apple Maps:

People who are using Apple maps may not be satisfied with the previous version. So the latest version of iOS 11 has come up with many exciting features that you expected to have on your device. Now you can easily navigate any indoor or outdoor place using Apple maps.

Siri recognization:

Siri got major transformations than any other features by providing a naturally sounding voice in iOS 11 update. You can even pick either female and male voice to call up on Siri. When Siri is not able to understand the input, it will give you the access to pronounciate it in different tones.

Camera and Photo storage:

Camera and Photo Storage features in iOS 11 give you high-end DSLR clarity for you. The new standards provided in iOS 11 update will store your Photos with High-Efficiency Image and Video Format. So you will never come across Picture quality issues.

New Emojis:

Emoji feature in iOS 11 update will surely attract you with fun and emotional stickers. One would like to have such stickers on their iOS device to showcase their feelings to beloved ones.

The Release Date of iOS 11:

Apple Company has announced the features of iOS 11 and made the users get excited to get it installed on their devices. But as of now, only beta version is available to the users and you need to crack the iOS 11 beta version by following some steps which I have mentioned below. As per the latest news, Apple will release iOS 11 this Autumn but one can expect the release before the mentioned time. Since the release of iOS 11 beta version, the developers are testing the latest version to fix the bugs. Before the official release of iOS 11, Apple is trying to produce the power packed features without any bugs. One who is very excited can use iOS 11 beta version on their iPhone/ iPad.

iOS 11 Beta Version:

Don’t wait for the beta version of iOS 11, it is now available for all iOS devices. If you are iPhone 5S, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, iPad Mini 2 user then you can download iOS 11 beta version easily. It is quite similar to iOS 11 with slight changes, but it is not sure that beta will work perfectly. If you are willing to install iOS 11 beta version, follow the steps stated below.

  • Visit the official website of Apple developer page and enroll yourself in Apple Developer Program.
  • Now login to account section displayed in the Apple Developer program page and enter your Apple ID details.
  • Tap on Sign in button and then you need to register your UDID with Apple using your iOS device.
  • To find out your UDID number, connect your device to iTunes on PC and tap on the serial number such that it shows UDID.
  • Once you enter login in details, you will be directed to the main account section page where Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles option will be displayed and tap on it.
  • Register your device by entering your name and UDID code which is provided to you earlier.
  • Now your UDID has been added successfully and then check out the download section.
  • Choose the category to which your device belongs and then tap on the download button.
  • Now go to device settings and then check out Software update tab on your iOS device.
  • Tap on download and install button and the download process will begin soon.
  • Sit back until iTunes install iOS 11 beta version on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch etc.

Download iOS 11:

As of now, iOS 11 version is released for all the iOS devices as it is still in the testing stage in order to fix bugs. The latest version of iOS 11 is going to deliver outstanding features that include peer to peer payments with Apple Pay, Siri Notifications, Control Center, Emoji and much more. Once Apple Company releases iOS 11 version you can easily download it on your device. It is much difficult to that of iOS 11 beta version. Check out the steps to be followed to download iOS 11 version after Apple.Inc. release it.

  • Go to settings tab on your iOS device and then tap on General button.
  • Check out the Software update tab and look whether you have got any updates or not.
  • If you found iOS 11 update then it will show download and install button at the bottom.
  • Tap on it and then your iOS 11 version download will begin.
  • Wait for the to restart and perform the changes with the software on your device.
  • Now your device has been upgraded to iOS 11 version successfully.


iOS 11 Jailbreak:

Hackers never make you wait for Jailbreak, as they are very excited to provide the best Jailbreak on your device with all the version you have installed. Though it has come with power packed features, the restrictions laid on apps or games may create an irritating environment around you. In order to Jailbreak iOS 11, you need to follow the steps stated below. It works only when you have installed iOS 11 on your iPhone/ iPad.

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS device and then open Yalu Jailbreak website.
  • It shows the list of iOS versions and you need to tap on the Upward arrow button which is at the bottom of the page.
  • Now Select add to home screen button to add the file on your device by naming it as Yalu.
  • Now exit safari browser and you will find Yalu icon on the device home page.
  • You have successfully performed Jailbreak on iOS 11 and enjoy using apps without any restrictions.

iOS 11 Jailbreak

New Emojis in iOS 11:

Emoji is the major requirement for any device either it may be iOS or Android user. As it is the only way to express your feelings instead of typing something. This year Apple has released some new Emoji to iOS 11 version. New Emojis in iOS 11 includes Bearded person, Headscarf, Breastfeeding, food times, Coconut, Sandwich, animals, Zebra, T-Rax, Zombie, Demon, trees, temples, church, masjid, Star Struck, Head Smiley and more. Once you turn up with iOS 11 version, you can enjoy using this new emojis on your iOS device.

New Emojis in iOS 11

I think almost all the topics regarding iOS 11 were covered in the above contents. Hope you got the needed information about iOS 11. If you are looking for more information concerning to iOS 11, notify the topic you need to know in the comments session.

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