iOS 11 Jailbreak : 100% Working {Cydia & Yalu}

iOS 11 Jailbreak: iOS 10 version of Apple have been serving us these days with good features and reliability. Now it’s the time for iOS 10 to leave after the launch of iOS 11. The new version of iOS is making a new record with its latest updates. It is packed with multiple features that will make you wonder when you install it on your iPhone/ iPad. iOS 11 jailbreak is now possible with Cydia and Pangu apk. I have already discussed the detailed procedure in downloading iOS 10 jailbreak. I think you have like jailbreak given on this web page. Today I have come up with the latest version of iOS device. I will deal with iOS 11 jailbreak, procedure to jailbreak your device with easy steps.

Apple developers will work continuously on iOS software to provide the best for users. iOS 11 is the most unexpected result for all the iPhone and iPad users from Apple.Inc. I think everyone did not get this latest iOS 11 update on their devices. Don’t worry, it takes some time to reach all devices. Still the developers are working on this new software update to solve all the issues that they have come across. If you have got an update regarding iOS 11, then go with that and download the latest software. If you are new to iOS device, then follow us to know the procedure involved in download and installation of iOS 11.

ios 11 Jailbreak

What is iOS 11 Jailbreak?

I think you are very eager to know what is meant by iOS 11 Jailbreak. Those who were not aware of iOS 11 release may not know about iOS 11 Jailbreak. iOS 11 Jailbreak is nothing but removal of restrictions imposed by Apple.Inc. on iOS devices by using exploiting applications. This Jailbreak on iOS 11 can give rooting access for iOS device to make multiple changes like download and installation of additional extensions or themes or any other apps etc. Even Jailbreak is against the terms and conditions of Apple, they are used by many people successfully. Apple will not penalize you for using Jailbreak on iOS 11. So you can make use of methods stated below for iOS 11 Jailbreak.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Download:

Want to do download Jailbreak on iOS 11? Then wait for the release of iOS 11 jailbreak. People who are waiting for Jailbreak of iOS 11 may think that, is it possible to perform Jailbreak on the latest version of iOS. Previously when apple launched iOS 10, we thought the same thing that is it possible?. But we know that it was made possible by using Cydia and Yalu Jailbreak apk.  I cannot say yes it is possible, but for today’s hackers can do miracles with any Operating Software. As soon as Apple announced for the release of latest version of iOS, Jailbreak team has started working hard. It may take some to release iOS 11 Jailbreak, as the updated features latest version are similar to that of Jailbreak.

Is iOS 11 Jailbreak possible with Cydia?

Every Cydia user will have the same doubt when coming to iOS 11 Jailbreak. But the thing is the software may not accept Cydia Jailbreak because Apple is moving in faster pace by throwing multiple updates to iOS one after the other. This mainly affects Jailbreak to catch up every Apple update and create a Jailbreak apk. This time iOS 11 has challenged Jailbreak with its amazing features to beat the latest version of iOS. However the major asset of Jailbreak is to provide root access for everyone and hope that Cydia will be updated to deal with iOS 11.

Is iOS 11 Jailbreak possible with Yalu Jailbreak?

Yalu Jailbreak is the one which supported Jailbreak for iOS 10. Though it has become tough task for launching iOS 10 Jailbreak, the team did it so. Yalu Jailbreak from Luca Tedesco have been helping many many iOS 10 and iOS 10.3.1, 10.3.2 users to provide root access. We made Yalu Jailbreak work on our device even if it is a long process. And finally we are successful in the oldest versions of iOS. As of now we did not get any updates regarding iOS 11 jailbreak. It is possible to jailbreak iOS 11 but takes time.

Conclusion: I think you might have not satisfied with this news but keep calm and wait for iOS 11 Jailbreak. Even the team of Jailbreak are trying to find a solution for the new Jailbreak. I suggest you not to download the latest version of iOS if you surely need Jailbreak now. If you have already downloaded it then you can go with degrading it to iOS 10 again. According to latest information, iOS 11 Jailbreak is likely to release in the moth of September 2017. We cannot fix that it would be much late because Jailbreak team is more curious than us to do it faster. It is sure that the team is going to wonder us with its new jailbreak updates. Instead of getting worried whether it is possible or not, lets wait for the day on which Jailbreak will release.

iOS 11 Emoji’s : Download New Emoji’s For iOS Devices

iOS 11 Emoji’s: Emoji’s have become the mandatory requirement for everyone to communicate with others. It is the easy way to express your feelings with those cute stickers. If a person is angry on other, he can make it feel to the other person by sending an angry emoji. However expressing feelings by stickers may not create much impact for those who don’t use emoji’s. Previously whats app is the only application that has number of emoji’s. After the revolution created by emoji, all the other applications have come up with new types of emoji. The thing is it is not with the app that got fame in market, it is only with the amazing emoji’s that did. The latest new regarding emoji is, these cute stickers will be now available for iOS 11 updated devices too. Well you might be thinking that we are having whats app that provides the emoji which iOS 11 is providing us. But the appearance of these emoji’s have been changed for iOS 11 version of Apple.Those who have already gone through these stickers are in love with these iOS 11 emoji’s.

ios 11 emojis download

If you are very ambitious to know the steps involved in getting these emoji’s for your iOS 11, then keep on reading this article. As of now the latest version of iOS is not available to all the devices, so you can download the beta version. You can even register you iPhone/ iPad UDID with Apple developers program by paying $15. Then you will be able to install iOS 11 beta version on you iOS device.

What Are iOS 11 Emoji’s?

After the release of iOS 10, the developers have presented 51 emoji’s on internet and made everyone get attracted to those loving stickers. But it has come up with 69 new emoji’s with different look compare to that of the emoji’s provided by other applications. Emoji 5.0 is the new list made by the Apple developers to release in the mid 2017 i.e in the month of June or July. But the release of these emoji’s is not yet known officially. After the release of iOS 11, Unicode emoji 10.0 has been released with 69 new stickers. These emoji’s includes sandwich, pretzel, Fortune cookie, Inquisitive face, Tomato soup can, Face with monocle, cup with smiley face and many more. Buzz states that new Unicode emoji  will be soon available for iOS 11 with the updated version.

ios 11 emojis

Process To Get Unicode iOS 11 Emoji’s:

It is not much easier to get what all the things you need for an iPhone. Because Apple has packed safety features for every device, it will be some tricky to hack iOS 11 devices. But you need not worry for any issues regarding iOS. As there were many talented hackers in this world to provide a solution for every problem that you come across. Check out the process given below to get Unicode iOS 11 emoji’s for your iOS  device.

  • Open safari and go to Emojipedia page or else click here to login.
  • Then go to “Show” button and tap on new button.
  • You will be directed to another page where you can find number of emoji’s.
  • Check whether all the emoji’s of the latest version are available or not.
  • If you want only one emoji just long press on it and drag down.
  • Or else select all the emoji’s that are required by you and hit on copy option.
  • Now you can start using Unicode iOS 11 emoji’s in which ever the app you need.
  • Just copy the emoji and paste it on the social media which ever you need.

Sending Unicode iOS 11 emoji’s using emojipedia will make you satisfied. All you need to do is just long press on the emoji whichever you need and paste in the messaging app. This Unicode iOS 11 emoji is possible for all the old versions(iOS 9, 10, 10.3.1, 103.2 and many more) too. With the updated versions of iOS, many new features have been launched. This time iOS 11 has come up with the new Unicode emoji’s. The stickers were same to that of previous one, but the only change in these iOS 11 stickers is its appearance.

Conclusion: In love with these iOS 11 emoji’s and want to try for different device? Then just follow this web page and get updated with the article we provide over here. As the Apple developing is still working on these emoji’s, you can get it for the other versions of iOS. The launching process of iOS 11 has been completed but the software update is not yet available up to the date. As the team is working out withe latest version of iOS, it takes time to reach all the devices. However iOS 11 beta version is available in the store for $15. After the installation of latest version, you will able to access these emoji’s directly with the update. If you are facing any issues while trying to unlock Unicode iOS 11 emoji’s on your device, comment your problem below.

iCloud Bypass To Unlock iOS Devices

iCloud Bypass:Apple users who have bought refurbished or some other used device may not be able to access iCloud. It is because of end to end encryption provided by the Apple.Inc to safeguard their devices without any threats. If an android device is stolen, then you may be able to recover it faster. But coming to iPhone, Find my friend button will help your device find easily or even you can locate your device by using iCloud details. If you have purchases an iPhone from a user without iCloud login details, it will be of no use.

Even if you try hacking the iCloud, you will be able to get the stuff iClouded in the app but not the iCloud unlocking password. People used to buy second hand iOS device without having an idea regarding iCloud login details. Either you need to find your iCloud details or you need to crack it by using different methods. So today I have come up with a solution to unlock your iCloud without having a password. iCloud Bypass will help you to activate your locked iCloud account easily. Before going to provide the steps involved in activating your iCloud device, I will give an idea regarding iCloud Bypass.

iCloud bypass

iCloud Bypass: Unlock iCloud Account

Now a days people are much habituated to buy used devices without knowing the pros and cons of them. Before buying an iOS device, you need to check out whether it is a refurbished or used one. If the device is used by someone then you need to get the icloud details of the old user. Generally people will sell their device keeping in mind that they cannot use it if the details have not been enclosed. In the present era techies are very fast to find solution for every problem. Users who are waiting for a solution regarding this problem can use Bypass iCloud to unlock the iCloud account present on their device. Bypass iClous is the best way to activate your iOS11 device without knowing the details of old iCloud account. However this trick will also be used by stolen people to unlock the device.

iCloud Bypass to activate iCloud:

Apple has provided the best application called “Find My iPhone” for its users that keeps the device safe. No one can use the device in which Find my Friends is turned on. If at all the device is stolen, you can easily navigate it and find the accurate location. It is not easy to hack iCloud details of other due to the end to end encryption provided by Apple. For a skilled hacker it is not such a tough task to unlock iCloud account. If you are stuck up with activating your iCloud activation then you need to choose any one of the methods stated below.

  1. Remove iCloud Lock
  2. Bypass iCloud

1) Remove iCloud Lock:

You can find number of websites that can perform well to remove a particular iCloud without any details of the old user. But make sure you are at the right place to unlock your device. Because some fraud websites will spoil your device if they are professionals in unlocking iCloud. You can go with these websites by paying some amount to unlock your device or else perform Bypass iCloud. After recovery of iCloud account on your device, you can either directly sign in with your id or you can reset all the settings and start using it as a brand new iPhone.

2) Bypass iCloud:

Bypass iCLoud is not an easy task to perform but if you are struck with this issue then it can help you to greater extent. Before going to own an iPhone check out the details regarding IMEI of your device. This can help you to track the device when ever it is misplaced or lost. Check out the steps involved in activating your iCloud using Bypass iCloud.

  • To activate iCloud on your device , you need to remove DNS server.
  • Enter a new DNS server as
  • The tap on back button and click on done option.
  • Check activation help box and tap on it.
  • When you are connected with the DNS sever, the display screen shows that you are successfully connected.
  • Check menu box which is on the top right corner.
  • Open the App store or any other app and enter your new iCloud details.
  • If you are not able to back up directly then try using iTunes on computer.

Conclusion:This is the best way to back up your iCloud account when you have lost the access details. Don’t forget to back up your data before you perform Bypass iCloud on your device. Enjoy using iPhone/ iPad as a brand new one after setting up your iCloud using Bypass iCloud.

How To Unjailbreak iPhone: All iOS 8 to iOS 11 Devices

How to Unjailbreak iPhone: iOS 11 not working? Facing problems with iOS 11? Then you are at the right place where you can find solution for your problem. Release of latest version iOS 11 have created a revolution in very short span of time. While number of people are trying to join Apple Developers program to get the iOS 11, there were many individuals who have already downloaded iOS 11 beta version. Though it is not available for everyone, the users who have downloaded it are very much satisfied with its new features. But not everyone are comfort with the latest version Of iOS. I am very excited with the release of latest version of iOS 11.

The display screen look has grabbed the attention of users towards the latest version of iOS 11. Few users who are done with the installation of  new version of iOS might have met with errors. It is quite common thing to come across bugs or error for any latest version of Operating Software. And the developers are working hard to fix those bugs and errors.Those who are going to install iOS 11 must keep in mind about all the positive and negative shades of installing the new iOS. Without the knowledge of their different shades will throw you into the darkness where you cannot find a solution for your problem.

how to unjailbreak iphone

Though jailbreak helps you in the installation process of latest version of iOS 11, it also creates many problems to the users. Before getting into the download process of iOS 11 version, just find a way to degrade it whenever you come across any issues. Users who have installed by using jailbreak many face issues like, applications suddenly stopped working, device is taking more time to respond. A plenty of reasons will be on the list to downgrade your iOS 11 to the old versions like iOS 103.2. Check out the process involves in UnJailbreak iPhone on iOS 11.

How to UnJailbreak iPhone:

Jailbreak is only the way that is helping the users to get any latest versions of iOS. Soon after the release of iOS 11 version, everyone loved the features that have been displayed by the Apple developers. It has been a tough task for the iPhone/ iPad users to download the latest version of iOS 11. Jailbreak met the curious people with its tips and tricks to install iOS 11 on their device. Jailbreak being a rooting application, it can even slow down your device in some situations. Not all the time we can promise about the safety and security of iOS devices, when people are in a thought of installing these amazing versions by using illegal jailbreak apps. Users who are fed up with the jail-broken version of iOS 11 can solve their issue by following the steps stated below.

  • To Unjailbreak iPhone, you need to have Cydia impactor or remove Cydia.
  • Open Cydia impactor and tap on fresh restore Via iTunes.
  • Then try navigating Cydia app without launching it.
  • Long press on Cydia application until it wiggles on the device screen.
  • Now tap on this “X” on this mark which is observed on the wiggling app.
  • You will be asked for permission to delete Cydia app from your device.
  • Then tap on delete button and Cydia gets deleted.
  • Now connect your device with PC/ Mac having iTunes in it using a cable.
  • iTunes will detect your device and shows it on the system screen.
  • Tap on OK button so that your device memory will be restored.
  • iTunes will get you back to the old version of iOS 10 or which ever you need.
  • Restart your iPhone/ iPad and start using the down graded version of iOS on your device.

Unjailbreak iPhone / iOS : Details & Compatiblity

How to Unjailbreak iPhone
Developer Unknown
Working Yes
Rating 4.5/5
Official Website
Active Downloads 1 Million+
Download link Click to Download
Compatible OS  iOS 8 to iOS 11

Conclusion: iOS 11 back up will not work on the other version that you have now installed on your device. Either you can get the back up from your iOS 10 or you need to start your device as a brand new iPhone. Be careful while Unjailbreak iPone on your iOS device and copy the files required to your mac/ PC to avoid losing the important data. Jail break may not show you the response when you try removing it. But keep on trying and remove the jailbreak apps on your device. Install the older version of iOS on your iPhone/ iPad. Users can try this to down grade your device form iOS 11 to other. If you have come across any issues regarding removal of jailbreak on iOS 11, then write down us with a detailed explanation of your problem.

Download iOS 11 For Your Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad)*

iOS 11 Download : Users have been listening to the software update new since an year. Finally at World Wide Developers meet on June 5th 2017, the latest version of iOS software has been released. It is mentioned that they have come up with amazing features this time and trying to expand these features to enable easy user interface. This iOS software release will include iOS 11, WatchOS 4, TV OS 11 and macOS High Sierra. The latest version of iOS 11 may not be available for all the devices now. But it is confirmed that the iOS 11 beta version will be for all the devices. It may take some time for Apple to release iOS 11 actual version for all the devices. If you are very excited to feel the experience by using the latest version of iOS 11, then follow the procedure given below.

iOS 11 download

How to download iOS 11 for your device?

Apple has been releasing its latest versions very faster. After the release of iOS 10, we have come across 10.3.1, 10.3.2 and more updates. Whatever the update may be, apple will come forward always to provide good interface between the users. The glimpse of iOS 11 made everyone wonder due to its out standing features. The one lagging thing behind it is, the latest version is not yet available for all the users now. So the beta version of iOS 11 has been released by the developers to make the users experience the latest version to some extent. Sylorix is the app that supports you to download any versions of OS in very less time. Before updating check whether your device is compatible with iOS 11 or not below. Check out the step by step procedure given below to download iOS 11 for your device.

  • Click here to install Sylorix apk for your iOS device.
  • You will be seeing the iOS beta versions of Sylorix apk.
  • Tap on the beta version and install it.
  • You will be redirected to setting page and again tap on install button.
  • Restart your device to save the changes you made.
  • Now open settings on your device.
  • Open General and tap on software update.
  • Tap on install iOS 11 download and install button.
  • Wait for the device to install the updates and then your device will be restart.
  • Start using iOS 11 on your iPhone/ iPod.

Devices compatible with iOS 11:

Though it is little tricky to get iOS 11 for your device, we have found an easy way to get it for your iPhone/ iPad. Before going to the download process, you need to know the devices that are compatible with the latest version. iOS 11 is now available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPad 1st generation, iPad second generation. iPad 2017, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad Touch 6th generation.

Devices not compatible with iOS 11:

As mentioned above some devices are compatible with iOS 11 and there were also some other devices that are not compatible with iOS 11. The latest version of iOS is not available for iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Original iPhone, Original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, Original iPod touch, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod touch 3rd generation, iPod touch 4th generation and iPod touch 5th generation. Also check iOS 11 Jailbreak.

Conclusion: iOS 11 beta version is available when you join in the Apple Developers Program. Don’t forget that this software includes bugs and improvements. If it does not work properly after the installation just degrade it to iOS 10. In the coming days the bugs will be fixed and the beta version will be available to all the devices which are compatible with iOS 11. However jailbreak will allow you to download any version of iOS easily as stated above. Write us if you have any doubts regarding download of iOS 11. If you are facing any problems with the latest version of iOS, comment your problem below.

iOS Update : iOS 11 Features And Latest Updates

In the Worldwide Developers meet on June 5th 2017 Apple has revealed its new version called iOS 11. Apple CEO stated that they have come up with most advanced Operating System for iOS 11. Software update is quite common for all the devices but what Apple does is much different. iOS 10 was released on september 13 2016. It is the 10th version of iOS which came with bang and made everyone feel wow. Stats revealed that nearly 86% Apple users have got updated to iOS 10. After releasing of iOS10, we have also come across many other updates like 10.3.1, 10.3.2 etc. In less than a year, iOS 11 has come into the play with amazing features. As of now, everyone using Apple device did not the iOS 11 update. Even after releasing 11th version, developers are still working on it to fix few bugs. Once I mention all the features of the new software iOS 11, you will surely start loving it. Here you can go through the ios 11 features.

ios 11 features

iOS 11 Features :

#1. Siri translations:

Siri is the most common feature that gets updated with the release of Latest versions. Previously Siri voice was like a recorded one, but in the latest version it is available with realistic male and female voices. In the old version, when we speak something it was not able to pronounce it perfectly. Now the pronunciation of Siri is as clear as a human voice. iOS 11 supports easy Siri by using learning and understanding options, so that it could serve better next time. Cross device sync is the another new feature provided with end to end encryption. The best feature with siri is it can translate English to Chinese, Italian, French, German and Spanish languages. Open Settings, there is a new option called “type to siri” Enable it. This feature allows you to listen from siri by just typing.

#2. Customized Control center:

When you look at Notification center in android device, you can find all the app customized with one tap. Similarly iOS 11 is provided with all the things at one place. It will be irritating for some people who are busy with their schedules while an unfortunate touch on Control center can create another task for them. Keeping those kind of people on mind, iOS 11 developers have given customization option in settings.

#3. Important notes pinning: 

Notes is the best option provided in iOS device that lets you write whatever you want. New notes application will allow you to pin the most important notes. So that all the pinned noted will be available at the top and you can easily find them.

#4. Screen Recording:

Screen recording is the another new feature in iOS 11 similar to that jailbreak. It allows you to record your screen with voice memos too. It allows you to capture the screen and the videos played on your device display.

#5. Cellular data controller:

Most of the Apple users work with their phone under wifi network as it consumes more mobile data if used. But the latest version have bought a new feature for iOS that can control your data usage.

#6. QR code scanning: 

iOS 11 has come up with easy identification of QR scan code. As soon as you capture the code, it automatically detects and responds faster. After scanning it will redirect your scanned code to the web page directly.

#7. Re-designed App Store: 

App store got a biggest update with most advance review features. Devices connected with Apple pay will get auto renewal of applications. Today tab in App store will help you in navigating your favorite app faster and easier. Gaming application category has been updates to help you in finding the loving games faster.

Also Check: iOS 11 Jailbreak

#8. Messaging: 

The best feature of messaging app is that it will be synced with multiple devices. Whenever you delete messages on one device, the other device receiving your messages will also be deleted simultaneously. This application will let you make secret conversions and delete them whenever you want.

#9. Camera Features:

The camera has been updates to support High Efficiency Video Encoding. This can compress your files to better levels, so that you can add any videos to your device without storage issues. Generally is consumes more storage for the photos we store on our iOS devices. In the latest version of Apple, you can save your photos or videos of 4k resolution clarity that consumes less storage.

#10. Live Photo effects: 

With improved quality, Photo app can easily find the weddings and sporting events on your device. You can trim the videos and edit them using Live photo effects feature. Frames, stickers will add colors to the pictures and bounce play can reverse the video that you have created.

#11. Maps and Navigation:

Indoor Mapping is the new feature that provides the layout of each location like restaurants, fuel fillings, hospitals and many more. As of now Maps supports on for Airports and malls. But it is mentioned that the developers are working on it to expand its features. Easy navigation feature will take you to the destination chosen provided the fastest route.

#12. Files App: 

The brand new files app will let you save any photos and videos on your device. All these files will be automatically synced with the accounts present on your device like iCloud, Dropbox , Goggle photos etc. You can sort the files by using the date and place.

So far these are ios 11 features, Apple team members are still working on iOS 11 to extend their features. As of now iOS 11 beta version is available for all iOS devices. As soon as we get any update regarding the latest version of iOS, we will write here. If you are very excited to crack the steps involved in installing iOS 11, the keep visiting our web page.